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Rewarding your Customers just got a whole lot easier with Rewards by YouGotaGift. Order online 24/7 and save on procurement, logistics and delivery costs. It’s an instant service and you will never have to stress or leave the office again to fulfill orders for Incentives.

Reward your customers using YouGotaGift incentives with choice of 300+ leading brands to choose from with over 25 categories ranging from Malls, Supermarkets, Electronics, Travel, Fashion, F&B, Wellness and more.

Rewards by YouGotaGift can support any of the following customer rewards programs:

Thank Your Best Customers

Thank your most valuable customers with YouGotaGift Rewards to build long-term loyalty and increased Customer Lifetime Value while keeping your competitors at bay.

Drive Incremental Business

Build campaigns and activities for up-sell and cross-sell with YouGotaGift Rewards incentives to drive incremental business to your brand. Digital Rewards have proven success rate world over as incentives for targeted customer campaigns.

Create New Business Opportunities

Give potential customers a compelling reason to do business with you, by using YouGotaGift rewards as an incentive to drive successful acquisition campaigns.

Our Most Popular Reward

YouGotaGift Happy Card

One Card redeemable at 300+ Brands including Shopping Malls, Fashion, Entertainment, Electronics, Spas, Restaurants, Online Shopping and much more including Mall of the Emirates, Centrepoint, Babyshop, Zara, Splash, Mango, Sharaf DG, Souq, Lulu, Virgin Megastore, Sun and Sand Sports, iTunes, Tips & Toes etc.

Let your customers choose what they really want!

Why Rewards? by YouGotaGift

Totally Digital

We digitize the whole customer rewarding process from ordering to delivery of eGift Cards.

Biggest Choice

We bring the biggest choice of rewards from our extensive catalogue of 300+ popular brands. The YouGotaGift Happy Card can be split and used multiple times across different brands.

Instant Delivery

We make it easy for companies to order eGift Cards online and deliver them instantly by Email, SMS or Print.


We allow companies to co-brand and personalize the eGift Card with their logo and personal message.


We save companies time, effort and cost to meet their immediate customer rewarding needs without leaving the office.

No Additional Fees

We only charge companies the face value of eGift Cards ordered (No hidden fees and best of all No VAT).

Account Management

We dedicate account managers to advise on large orders, API Integration and other bespoke solutions.

Our Markets: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon, India, Africa, Europe & USA.

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